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Caspian Beaches Make For A Great Summer Vacation

By Aygul Ospanova June 17, 2018


Ramsar beach resort, Iran

Summer is right around the corner, and beaches around the world are ready for an influx of summer tourists who are looking for some sun, fun and splashing around. Well-developed tourist infrastructure in countries surrounding the Caspian Sea make holidays to the region a perfect excuse to kick back and relax.

Caspian News put together a list of four destinations on the shores of what is the world’s largest lake, in an attempt to entice readers to take a trip this summer that will be both unique and memorable.

Bilgah, Azerbaijan

If your idea of filling a suitcase includes packing sunscreen, sunglasses and a swimsuit, time spent at the Bilgah beach resort in Azerbaijan should be at the top of your summer bucket list. Your body will find itself at ease from the scorching sun that beats down on what is regarded as Azerbaijan’s cleanest beach. If you like to snack while digging your feet into the sand, be sure to order up a trio of watermelon, white cheese and local tandir bread, made in a clay oven, which together is known as the “beach menu” to locals.


Bilgah beach resort

Ramsar, Iran

Ramsar is a seaside resort town on the shores of Iran’s portion of the Caspian Sea, where vacations will find a clean coastline, fresh air, hot springs as well as thick forests that form part of the Alborz Mountain Range. The proximity of the mountains to the sea creates pleasant, cool weather on the beach, which lures locals and tourists from around the world during the region’s hot summer days.


Ramsar beach resort

Aktau, Kazakhstan

Aktau is Kazakhstan’s top beach spot and has a reputation in the region as the most beautiful Caspian coastal city in what is one of the world’s largest countries by size. For those who enjoy time spent on the water, on a boat or a yacht, will likely enjoy what Aktau has to offer, along with its prime location for sunbathing and swimming. Barbeque aficionados will be tempted by smoke rising from braziers all along the beachline where locals and tourists flock for a delicious bite to eat.


Aktau, the city of beaches

Awaza, Turkmenistan

Awaza could be described as Turkmenistan’s version of Aktau, but a secret of the Caspian – which makes it all the more enticing to visit. Many tourists to the region are unaware of the resort, resulting in less crowds and more space for you to relax and enjoy the waters of the world’s largest lake and golden sands. Modern architectural sites and six world-class hotels are located here, along with a yacht club, cozy restaurants and cafes, spas and sports centers. An aqua park is scheduled to come online sometime in 2020. Visitors to Awaza call the experience surreal because of the peculiar coexistence of natural landscape and man-made infrastructure.


Awaza beach resort