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"Bakutel 2016" held in Azerbaijan

By Farid Malikov December 4, 2016


Bakutel 2016 / Bakutel

Geared to showcase the best and the brightest new technologies and innovation from Azerbaijan, the region and the world, "Bakutel 2016," the 22nd Azerbaijan International Exhibition and Conference on Telecommunications and Information Technologies, was held in Baku, November 29th through December 2nd. 

The exhibition covered a wide variety of industry segments, many from the U.S., such telecommunications and networks, cable and wireless communications, satellite communications and technologies, IT and office technologies, 4-5G mobile technology, services in the field of fiber optic technology and cloud computing, E-government, information security, and space technology.    

New development projects in the fields of communication, high technologies, mail projects, e-Government and nanotechnology were presented at the Azerbaijan pavillion. Presentations of a “Sound Library” for visually impaired people and “digitalization of museums” were made at the event. Young professionals and entrepreneurs from start-ups were also provided with an opportunity to tell potential investors about their inventions, programs and services.

These and other leading Azerbaijani state entities and ICT companies were represented at a single national stand, sponsored by the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan.        

Held for more than 20 years, Bakutel, has become the largest exhibition of its kind in the region and the main arena for presenting IT products and services.The exhibition brought together over 200 companies from Azerbaijan, Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Russia, Turkey, Slovenia, Turkey, the Netherlands, the USA and other countries. Among the participants were leading ICT companies, mobile operators, telecom operators, internet service providers, system integrators, and distributors of world-famous brands.

Visitors were able to experience virtual reality using special goggles, as well as create a unique item or object using 3D printing pen technology handles. 

In addition, the company Huawei presented the project “My Beautiful Azerbaijan”, and the company ZTE introduced the concept of Smart Cities to the exhibition’s guests.                                    

Bakutel 2016 was organized by Iteca Caspian and Caspian Event Organizers (CEO). The event was supported by the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as by international institutions, including the United Nations, the International Telecommunication Union, the Regional Commonwealth in the field of Communications (RCC) and the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry.