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Azerbaijani Passport Rises Three Spots in Latest Global Ranking

By Nargiz Mammadli July 20, 2023


The flag of Azerbaijan is seen against the background of the Maiden Tower, Baku, Azerbaijan, December, 9, 2020 / Getty Images

Azerbaijan secured the 72nd place among over 200 countries and territories in the latest Henley and Partners (H&P) Passport Index, which assesses passports based on the number of destinations their holders can visit without a prior visa.

The country climbed three spots compared to last year. The number of visa-free destinations accessible to Azerbaijani passport holders remained unchanged at 69 during the reporting period.

According to data compiled by Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry, the duration of visa-free stays for Azerbaijani passport holders varies from 15 days to 180 days, depending on the type of travel document, including ordinary, diplomatic, and service passports.

The Henley and Partners Passport Index evaluates the passport strength of more than 200 countries and territories against 227 possible travel destinations, using data provided by the International Air Transport Association.

Based on the latest rankings by Henley and Partners, Russia now sits in 49th place, offering visa-free travel to 115 destinations worldwide. Kazakhstan, another country in the Caspian region, occupies the 66th spot, granting its passport holders visa-free access to 77 destinations across the globe.

The passport of Turkmenistan allows travel to 50 destinations without requiring a prior visa, ranking the country at 87th place. Meanwhile, Iran ranks 92nd since its passport holders can visit 44 countries and territories visa-free.

The passport of Singapore holds the number one position in the ranking, enabling visa-free travel to 192 countries. Germany, Italy, and Spain share the second spot with a visa-free score of 190. The third most powerful passports belong to Austria, Finland, France, Japan, Luxembourg, South Korea, and Sweden, allowing their holders to travel to 189 countries without a prior visa.