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Azerbaijan Looks To Set Trends In Social Media Through Global Influencer Day

By Mushvig Mehdiyev September 10, 2018


The world's most advanced humanoid robot Sophia will be the keynote speaker for the Global Influencer Day in Baku / A.S. Watson Group

Social media influencers from around the world will flock to Baku this Fall for an exchange of ideas, tools and communication tactics for what will be Global Influencer Day.

“Global Influencer Day is a platform that will be gathering influencers, who have a great impact on social media audiences, and brand creators from around the world for discussing marketing opportunities via influencers, which we call Influencer Marketing,” Emin Vali, co-founder at Keepface, one of two major organizer companies of the event, told Caspian News.

“The main goal is bringing useful social media content creators, as well as those who have the potential of doing the same together for in-depth knowledge and experience exchange,” Vali said.

Despite the name, the event runs from October 26 – 29, and will feature influencers from the tourism, fashion, food, banking, health, fast moving consumer goods, health and fitness sectors.

“This year’s event in Baku will be a global edition of the previous Influencer Day in 2017,” Vali explained. “Last year, local influencers attended the congress. However, we invited industry experts, influencers, engagers, and brand and business owners from five continents and 30 different countries to the upcoming event. This will help us globalize our initiative, go beyond national and regional borders.”

"We have invited influencers from the Caspian region countries, including Kazakhstan, Russia, and Iran, as well. Any interaction between them, we believe, will help put a direct positive effect on expanding regional collaboration in the realm of influencer marketing."

This year Global Influencer Day will be centered around topics such as local and foreign micro-influencers as an integral part of influencer marketing, the role of an influencer’s performance in Influencer Marketing, cross-country influencing and internationalization of influencers, personal branding, and Influencer Marketing for e-commerce.

Emin Vali says there are many influencer gatherings taking place in different corners of the world, however, the Global Influencer Day in Baku will be taking an all-new approach to investigating the up-to-date trends in Influencer Marketing.

“What makes Global Influencer Day different from other influencer summits or gatherings are that discussions, knowledge and experience exchanges about trendy topics at our platform are made through scientific and mathematical analysis,” Vali said.

“The power of social media is growing rapidly; those who set modern trends in social media are influencers. And we try to look into certain issues based on sophisticated influencer evaluations and outlook, but not just coming together and exchanging common views.”

Seventeen different speakers, including a senior executive from Google and a writer from Forbes, will be delivering a speech at the conference. The most interesting speaker is likely to be Sophia the Robot, the keynote speaker for the event.

Sophia is a social humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics. She is the world’s most advanced robot and is able to show over 50 facial expressions. She has earned a high speaker reputation in businesses and across many other industries, thanks to her face-to-face meetings with key decision makers in banking, insurance, auto manufacturing, property development, media, and entertainment.

Sophia, a holder of an official citizenship certificate of Saudi Arabia, has also appeared onstage as a panel member and presenter in high-level conferences dedicated to discussions about the future role of growing robotics and artificial intelligence industry in people’s lives.

“We have different versions of who can be the keynote speaker of the Global Influencer Day,” Vali told Caspian News. “We opted for Sophia the Robot, mainly due to great interest among the public for her appearance at our event, as well as her unique, manlike intellect despite her being created by humans. Sophia’s audience and influencing power is as much as a human’s impact on people and are growing steadily. This will be an original opportunity to reach the targeted audience.”

Organizers of the Global Influencer Day aim to generate 10,000 content, 3 million interactions, 10 million reaches and $4 million estimated media value in the wake of the international congress. The 2017 Influencer Day created 1,254 social media content and 2.1 million social media reach.

“The main message of the Global Influencer Day is calling on influencers to create useful content that is important to build trust among people and benefit their lives. For ordinary people, this event is a unique opportunity for exploring the ways of being an influencer and nurturing an original audience,” Vali said.


Top-notch Convention Center in downtown Baku will be playing a host to four-day Global Influencer Day congress / Ilk Construction